Amy’s Job In Gold Coast – Where I Help Out As Well

Amy works full-time as a Barista in a little Cafe called Bellachino in the Q Center. That is a “Outdoor-Shopping-Center” here on the Gold Coast. It is very popular for retired people 😉 She started there pretty much 2 weeks after we arrived here. Her boss is Thien from Thailand and she is a really nice person. She even let me help out there twice a week, which is awesome for our bank accounts. She got the job basically straight away after talking to Thien and having a little bit of a trial. It was the first and her only CV that she handed out here on the Gold Coast!

The job includes basically everything that has to be done in a Cafe besides opening and closing the shop. That does the owner lady by herself every single day, which is good because that means we don’t have to get up at a ridiculous time in the morning and don’t have to spend ages there closing the shop in the evening 😉

Anyway, here is a little gallery from Bellachino:

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