After Los Angeles we flew via Copenhagen to Bangkok.

That was our first time in Thailand and we were pretty done from the 2 flights (1.5 hours stop in Copenhagen). We had to wait in the lobby of the building where we booked our airbnb flat for the guy to arrive and let us in the flat. It as very hot and there was no air con 😉

Anyway, once in our flat we slept for about 16 hours straight and then woke up to this view over the city.

After trying an amazing vegan restaurant for breakfast and walking around a little we took a Tuk Tuk, what a cool experience 😉

The Tuk Tuk driver drove us to this random place, where we could catch a boat and drive along the river, which was also an incredible experience, definitely worth doing.

We saw some pretty interesting stuff in the rivers of Bangkok, including a buddhist temple, a lot of broke down houses and rubbish in the waters but also interesting animals like this one.

We spend the rest of our time in Bangkok with sightseeing and saw most of the typical tourist spots like these ones here.

And here is the complete gallery from Bangkok:

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