Sorry for having nothing posted for such a long time but we’re really busy at the moment in Berlin with both our jobs and 2 Rooms on Airbnb.

Anyway, here is the post about our trip to Greece at the beginning of last November. We have been to Athens and Santorini, each for about 3 days.

Athens is a really amazing city with a lot of history, ancient buildings and monuments. The city itself is very alive and unfortunately a little run down from the economy crisis in Greece. Besides that, the vegan food there was amazing and all the veggie places were packed with people, seems that this is also a trend in Greece. Here is the gallery from Athens:

Santorini was also incredible, it pretty much blew our minds to be honest. Seeing all these beautiful houses on the mountains which we just knew from pictures before. We hired a quad straight on our first day and drove everywhere on the island with that. It was really nice, enjoying the sun and lying on the beach, escaping the German winter. Seeing this beautiful island was definitely worth it. We will be back someday. Until then here is the gallery from Santorini:

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