Kho Phi Phi

After Ho Chi Minh we flew to our last stop in Asia and that was a week on Kho Phi Phi in Thailand. What a beautiful island!

This was the view from our hotel room balcony.

And that was the pool of our hotel, where we met a professional hypnotist from Canada who is practicing now in California. And of course, we both got hypnotized from him 😉 What an interesting experience, especially in a pool!

We obviously spend our last week traveling before entering Australia with a lot of relaxing on the beautiful beaches in Phi Phi 😉

And we also went to “Monkey Beach” where we saw a lot of cute Monkeys in the wild!

But the most amazing thing we did in Phi Phi, was definitely scuba diving. It was Amy’s first time and for me the second time and the underwater world at that place is just beyond amazing!

And here is the full gallery from Kho Phi Phi:

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