My 3 Jobs In Wellington

We are already in Melbourne and relaxing in the sun of St. Kilda – pics are coming soon 😉 but here is first of all a post with the galleries from my jobs back in Wellington at the end of last year.

Since the end of October we were back in Wellington and I have 2 part-time jobs as a Bartender at Supply Room and as a Barista at Marina Espresso I am working as a gardener in my spare time.

I work at marina espresso every Saturday and in the Supply Room about 5 evenings a week. In the rest of the week i make my money as a gardener. I put an ad into the local supermarket and made my little customer basis over the weeks 😉

The bartender job is new to me but it is not that different to working in a cafe 😉 You pour beers and serve wine and deal with customers, sometimes a little too drunk to talk properly 😉

OK, here are the two galleries from the bar and the cafe. Enjoy …

Supply Room

Marina Espresso

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