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Photo 20-03-16 14 47 07 This post is about our jobs in Berlin.

Amy worked at the GIRO Coffee Bar in the Berlin suburb Charlottenburg as a Barista. The cafe is named after the owner Igor, who is also a locally known artist (You can see some of his art in the picture gallery below). Really fortunate about this job was, that Amy worked pretty much just morning shifts, which helped us a lot, running two rooms of our flat on Airbnb.

Here is the picture gallery of Amy’s Cafe:


Photo 20-04-16 13 57 11And I worked for an internet company, called treatwell (previously Salonmeister) as an Account Manager.

I started working for them when we were living back in Hamburg as a Field Sales Manager, which turned out pretty soon to be not my kind of work. I was very lucky, that the company was open enough to give me another chance in a different area, that suits me better and that the German Headquarter of treatwell is in Berlin, where Amy found her job! So, that worked out very well for us.

My job as an Account Manager was very diverse and I learned a lot. I was responsible for all the suppliers in Hamburg, which means that I was the person to call when they had any questions regarding our software, billing etc. Besides that I had to make sure the partner salons look good on our platform and optimize their profiles with them to boost bookings. My job involved a bit of traveling and I had to do with Marketing, Business Development, Accounting, Programming etc. Pretty much every department in the whole company.

Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures at my work, so I found a few videos on YouTube, that can hopefully give you a little view inside the company, I was working for over a year.

and here is an interview with the founder of Treatwell, Lopo Champalimaud, he explains a little about who we are and what we do etc.:


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