Our Jobs In Melbourne

The story about our Jobs at Cacao is actually pretty funny 😉

We both work as Baristas in a Shop called Cacao – Fine Chocolates.

I started working at a little Take-Out Cafe on the Beachfront in St. Kilda called “Broadwalk” (The little shop with the yellow sunroofs in the “St. Kilda” Gallery). While I worked there Amy was still looking for a job and had trials at a couple of places but were not really happy at these places.

Then I received a call from the HR person from the chocolate place, I gave my CV in a few weeks earlier and that lady asked me if I’m still interested in a position at their shop. And because I had a job already, I asked her if Amy can get an interview and she ended up becoming a job as their barista 😉

A few weeks after that I lost my job at the Beachfront Take-Out because it was getting a lot colder and it was not busy enough anymore. At the same time Cacao was re-opening their shop in the Melbourne CBD and they asked Amy if she knew someone who would like to work there and so I became the Head-Barista of Cacao Lab 😉

I just love that story. Anyway, here are some pictures from the shop.

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