Our Second Job

Soon after our last post with our bank accounts we found a job, luckily! That means we didn’t have to spend too much time without any money 😉

We are Pedicab Drivers in Cairns now. That is like a “TukTuk Bike” in Thailand, where you have customers in the back and a soundsystem to play musi on the bike but the funniest thing is: most of the customers just wanna ride from club to club.

The job is a lot of fun, keeps us fit, the money is ok and we are meeting a lot of very nice people. Most of them are drunk as hell, but at least they are paying well 😉 The most important thing is, that we are having a good time!!

The team and the atmosphere are absolutely awesome and we are having a lot of fun in the headquarter, where we are staying most of the time – when we are not enjoying the sun at the Cairns Lagoon.

We are working at night and sleeping during the day. That is a rhythm, that the body has to get used to but we’re getting better.

OK, I think the best is, you have a look at the pics and see the fun we are having…

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2 thoughts on “Our Second Job

  1. carmen lohmann

    Freue mich das ihr wieder Arbeit habt! Habe mir schon wieder Gedanken gemacht. Du kennst mich ja. Jetzt bin ich wieder beruhigt. Man sieht ja auch das ihr Spaß habt. Ganz liebe grüße von allen

  2. helge lohmann

    Hallo ihr Zwei Ich bin mächtig stolz auf Euch. Hut ab wie Ihr das wuppt.Endlich habe ich die richtige Adresse um ab jetzt alles weiter verfolgen zu können. bis bald und bleibt gesund. Papa (von Marcel)

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