St. Kilda

We are living here in St. Kilda for over 4 months now, since we left the hotel in the Melbourne CBD and we fell in love with this place straight away 😉

The flat we’re living in ( photos are coming ) is literally a minute away from the beach and we walk around on the waterfront a few times every week and even now, when it’s getting colder, it’s a lot of fun because it’s not really crowded anymore 🙂

Before we moved into our current flat we lived in the house, that you can see in the pictures with all the green leaves on the outside for about 2 weeks, but we had to move out because a new owner moved into the house, but we like our current flat much better anyways 😉

One of the highlights here was definitely the concert from Eddie Vedder in the Palais Theatre here in St. Kilda.

But anyways, as always, you better have a look at the pictures yourself to see, how amazing this place actually is!

Here is the St. Kilda – Gallery:

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